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SCATTER antonym


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  • S: (n) scatter spread (a haphazard distribution in all directions ),
  • S: (n) scatter scattering, strewing (the act of scattering ),
  • S: (v) disperse, dissipate, dispel, break_up, scatter (to cause to separate and go in different directions), She waved her hand and scattered the crowds
  • S: (v) disperse, dissipate, scatter spread_out (move away from each other), The crowds dispersed, The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached
  • S: (v) scatter sprinkle, dot, dust, disperse (distribute loosely), He scattered gun powder under the wagon
  • S: (v) scatter (sow by scattering), scatter seeds
  • S: (v) break_up, disperse, scatter (cause to separate), break up kidney stones, disperse particles
  • S: (v) spread, scatter spread_out (strew or distribute over an area), He spread fertilizer over the lawn, scatter cards across the table
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